Mulberry silk is the strongest natural thread globally, even more substantial than steel fiber. This kind of silk is UV resistant, antibacterial, and has moisturizing properties, so your skin will love it! This fiber is also hypo-allergenic thanks to the crude protein called Sericin and also odorless compared to some other kinds of wild silk.   

The Making Process 

Mulberry silk is made from silkworms raised under exacting conditions, and it is the highest quality silk you can find. These worms feed on mulberry leaves and need special treatment and pampering in controlled environments, making this silk so unique, valuable, and the most expensive kind of silk in the world. The fiber is the purest white so it can be easily dyed.  

Chinese developed the process of making mulberry silk thousands of years ago, which makes them the world`s experts in producing this kind of silk.  

The silkworms spin raw silk for many years. The traditional process involves putting cocoons in hot water to loosen the silk fibers. This process has been used for so many years and has been perfected through the centuries. 

This silk is especially good for pillowcases because it will indulge your skin and be a care treatment every night. Unlike cotton, mulberry silk does not absorb moisture, so your skin will glow and retain natural freshness.   

Mulberry Silk Is Good for Your Skin  

Mulberry silk is also very good for your hair, helping to keep its shine and smoothness. So, investing in pillowcases, sheets, and hair accessories made from this type of silk is always a sound decision. Your hair and skin will thank you. 

Whether you wear silk pajamas, sleep on silk sheets or wear a beautiful mulberry silk dress, you will feel so glamorous and comfortable. This type of silk does not contain additives and harmful dyes so it will not cause allergies, breakouts or other problems with your skin.  

This Fiber Is Eco-Friendly  

This fiber is eco-friendly compared with other fibers and materials manufactured from synthetic materials and using chemicals.. Customers who choose eco-friendly products will always choose silk and get high-quality, exceptional products.   

The process of dyeing silk differs from the process of dyeing other materials. For dyeing, silk is usually used with low-impact dyes, which is good for health and the environment.   

Mulberry silk is a biodegradable material. When it is no longer wearable, you can use your silk piece to make compost instead of dumping it in the garbage. On the other hand, this type of silk is very durable and one of the world’s strongest fibers.   

The producing process can also be animal friendly, so the fiber gets extracted only after the complete moth metamorphosis process.   

When you understand the complexity of the producing process of Mulberry silk, durability, softness, and eco-friendly features, the price will be less significant. 

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