The quality of a wardrobe is not only a question of wearing a specific brand but also about the material from which the clothes are made. All rare and high-price fabrics are durable and very comfortable. On the other hand, owning a luxurious and quality piece of clothing often means setting aside a more significant amount of money. Here is the list of the five most expensive materials in the world.

Vicuna Wool

This wool is the most expensive and luxurious fabric in the world. It comes from Vicuna sheep from Peru, and it is not that easy to produce it because it is impossible to shear this sheep every year, but every three years.

Vicuna wool is used for both wardrobe and household decoration. The hand-looming process takes a lot of time, and it costs a lot. Also, the type of wool used for clothing is taken only from the back and neck of the sheep because it lasts longer.

The Vicuna Wool is the best option if you enjoy soft, delicate, warm, and luxurious fabrics and don’t mind the hefty price tag, since for one bespoke vicuna suit, you will need to pay a $50,000 minimum.

Mulberry Silk

The best silk you can find in the world is Mulberry Silk, for sure. It is a solid and durable fabric but also has surprising softness. It comes from cocoons, and it is 100% natural. Fun fact, Mulberry Silk is also suitable for hair.

The reasoning behind the high price of this silk is the practice of local farmers in China who plant Mulberry trees on plantations and grow it by hand. If this sounds tempting and you would like a piece of clothing made of this silk, be prepared to spend up to $100 per yard for this fabric as it is the most expensive and the rarest type of silk worldwide.

Leopard Fur

Fur coats have been the best and most fashionable winter items for centuries. It is comfortable and keeps you warm. You can find different types of fur on the market, but leopard fur is definitely the most luxurious, elusive and expensive.

The sale of this fur is illegal except in specific circumstances. However, this ban did not destroy its value, so a meter of this fur can be found for $ 8,000. For these reasons, poaching remains a huge problem.

Koigu Kersti Cashmere

Cashmere fabric has always been trendy and has an excellent reputation worldwide. Throughout history, cashmere has been very popular among the nobility. Among cashmere fabrics, the most exclusive is Koigu Kersti Cashmere.This fabric is available in only a few places worldwide and in limited colors. Koigu Kersti Cashmere is carefully produced and hand-painted fabric, and because of that, it is so expensive. It can cost between $6 and $8 for just 50 grams.

Guanaco Wool

This wool is made from llamas found in South America. It is very soft and warm.

Guanaco wool is one of the rarest fabrics, and it takes too much time to produce. Also, its stylish look and inaccessibility makes it so expensive. For example, one jacket can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $35,000.

Which of these materials would you like to have in your closet?