Regardless of how many days we’re traveling for, whether it’s just a weekend away or a week or two, we all know how challenging it can be to pack bags and plan outfits for the trip. 

We try to pack a wardrobe for different occasions, for morning and evening, walking and parties, more relaxed fashion combinations as well as more elegant ones. And of course, it is important that it all fits in a suitcase that we can take on the plane. 

How many times have you arrived at your destination and as soon as you start unpacking you realize that you should have brought “that favorite dress” and “those pants that you can combine so well with everything”? 

So, when packing, pay attention to these details. 

Think About Where You Will Go and What You Will Do 

Before packing, be sure to check the weather forecast for the destination you are traveling to and make a list of activities, places you will visit etc. Are you going to your friends’ wedding, are you planning on having relaxed dinners and cocktails or walk around the city and visit museums? Packing your wardrobe will depend on this list. 

Choose a Color Palette 

Before packing, it is important to decide on the color that will dominate in your suitcase, and then to choose two or three other colors that combine well with it and based on that, to make a plan for clothing combinations day by day. 

Plan Outfit Ideas 

You can record ideas in your phone or take pictures of different outfits so you won’t waste any time thinking of combinations while you are traveling. Pack those colors and those fashion pieces that are the most fun to mix and match. 

Pack Clothes in Sections 

It helps to separate everything you will be wearing for each day. This is especially practical for shorter trips.  

Separate skirts or pants, blouses, socks, jewelry and laundry into separate “capsules”. When you need to get dressed, everything will be ready and you won’t have to spend extra time searching and combining things. 

Try on Clothes Before Packing 

If you have time, try on the outfits you have planned before packing. It often happens that when we imagine how we would combine something, it looks great in our head. However, when we put it on, we realize that it doesn’t look as good as we thought it would. 

Also, if you’re packing clothes that you haven’t worn in a while, it’s best to try them first and check if you still feel comfortable in it. This especially applies on the items that you have just bought and that you are going to wear for the first time on a trip. 

A Few Additional Tips 

  • All the top parts of the wardrobe should match all the bottom parts so that you have more options to combine 
  • Bring at least one piece of jewelry that can go with as many outfits as possible 
  • With all your activities in mind, plan the main item of clothing and then build the rest on top of that. For example, if you will be walking a lot, first choose comfortable shoes or sneakers to wear, and based on that, design outfits 
  • If you are traveling for a longer period of time, it will be very useful to mark the outfits by day in the calendar. Also, do not forget to include the washing and drying time for certain items of clothing, if you will use them for several fashion combinations 

When traveling it is important to feel comfortable and relaxed, but also sometimes it is necessary to look elegant, luxurious and feminine. That’s why whenever you’re packing for a trip, be it long or short, don’t forget to bring your timeless, favorite silk piece of clothing

It will make you feel very elegant, you will be able to take it to a luxurious dinner, a walk or a party. On the other hand, you will feel very comfortable and captivate with elegance.