In the past two years working from home has become a new reality, and now we spend much more time at home than before. Even though we are at home, it is important to feel comfortable but beautiful and sometimes even luxurious, why not?  

Here are some of the wardrobe pieces you should get if you are working from home or if you just want to feel luxurious but comfortable at the same time.  

Classic Long-Sleeve Boyfriend Shirt 

This kind of shirt is very popular lately, and it can be combined very well with almost everything, jeans, skirts or even simple leggings for a higher level of comfort.  

Even if it is oversized, it can look very classy, elegant but comfortable at the same time. Always choose natural, quality materials so your skin will be grateful to breathe and you will feel cozy.  

You can wear it not just when you are working from home, but also for indoor dinners with friends or even a romantic dinner at home. 

Silk Pajamas 

Even if you think silk pajamas are just for the bedroom, you can wear them every time you want to feel cozy but elegant in a way, especially on the weekends. If you don’t like to spend part of the day in pajamas, then you can combine simple clothing combination with one silk piece and we are sure you will feel luxurious, trendy and comfy at the same time. 

Any piece of clothing made from natural silk will make you feel and look elegant and luxurious, even at home. So, it will be a good investment.  

Comfy Dresses 

A dress does not always have to be tight and uncomfortable in order to look elegant and luxurious. Find one that is made of natural, comfortable materials, that follows the body line but is not too plain and sporty. Cotton dresses with interesting cuts can be a great solution for when you want to feel luxurious in your home, whether you have guests or simply want to feel special.  

Interesting Slippers 

house slippers don’t always have to look puffy to be really comfortable. You can find interesting models that you would be happy to take on the street, but in which you will feel elegant in your home.  

You can choose a model with fur applications or with animal print details and interesting metal details that resemble jewelry, that give them a luxurious touch. 

Comfortable Tops 

Tops are almost always comfortable and models made of silk, lace or similar material will make you feel elegant and comfy at the same time. You can combine them with trousers, leggings or even luxurious silk pajamas. 

Elegant Details 

Sometimes what makes us feel luxurious and elegant are the details. Silk hair bands that not only look beautiful but also protect hair from drying out, while nourishing it, are always a great choice. These will gently collect your hair when you want to feel comfortable, and on the other hand, the silk detail will make you look breathtaking. 

Also, don’t forget a piece of jewelry, which can be as simple as pearl earrings or a simple ring. 

Even though you’re at home, it’s important to feel beautiful and good in your own skin, so don’t keep your luxury items only for going out, special occasions and important events. 

How do you like to dress at home?