Everyone has their favorite colors, however, not all colors suit everyone equally well. You don’t have to follow strict fashion rules when it comes to combining colors with each other, but choosing the ones that best suit your skin tone will help you look fresher, stylish and more refined. 

Also, research shows that wearing light and bright colors improves mood and concentration. 

Each of us can wear any color and have it look good, but the trick is to find the right color shade. While it used to be a rule that dark shades make you look thinner and flatter your figure, this can be a trap. Dark shades can “cast a shadow” on your face and make your features appear sharper. 

If your eyes and hair are darker, you can be more courageous when choosing colors. People with lighter skin, hair and eyes should choose the upper parts of their wardrobe in lighter and pastel tones. And for the lower part of the wardrobe, you can choose literally anything. 

The Vein Test 

Check the color of your veins on your arm or wrist. Veins that are blue or purple indicate that you have a warm skin tone, while veins with a greenish hue indicate a cold skin tone. If the color of the veins is between these shades, then your skin tone is neutral. 

The Sun Test 

How does your skin react to the sun? Women who have an olive complexion generally have warm skin tones and do not burn quickly in the sun. Lighter-skinned ladies tend to burn quickly. However, this does not mean that girls with dark skin cannot burn easily. 

Test With White Paper 

After cleaning and washing your face, wait for the redness to disappear from the skin. Do not apply cream or any other cosmetics. Then stand in natural light. 

Take a piece of pure white paper and hold it to your face and see the contrast with the skin. If the shade leans towards greenish, brown or yellow tones, then your skin tone is warm. If the contrast goes to blue or pink, your tone is cool. Skin that looks ashy or gray is a neutral tone. 

If your skin is sensitive, or you have problems with acne, redness or rosacea, ask your partner to do this test on the part behind the ear. That part of the face is less likely to be sensitive.  

Colors That Suit Warm Skin Tones 

Red tones, amber color, warm colors like orange, golden yellow or honey color are the ones that will suit you well. Warm green and blue tones will look good on you, as well as turquoise, olive color, the color of fern and moss, as well as the mint color. 

If you choose neutral tones of warm chocolate, cream white or beige, it will make your skin shine. 

You should avoid cool shades as well as ruby, amethyst or sapphire-colored garments. 

Colors that suit cool skin tones 

Royal blue shade, sapphire color, dark purple and lavender color will suit you best. You can also choose warm shades like pink, ruby or light pink. You should avoid yellow and orange shades. 

Colors that suit a neutral skin tone 

Powder pink shades, jade color or lagoon blue will suit you very well. Feel free to include neutral colors such as white, coffee, gray and black tones. Dare to wear bright and colorful shades that will highlight your skin tone. 

Whatever color you choose to wear, always opt for natural materials like silk. These wardrobe pieces will not only last a long time, but will also make you feel comfortable and look luxurious.