We all know that comfortable pajamas and high-quality bed linens are very important for a good night’s sleep. But, did you know that the material of your pajamas and beddings can affect the quality of your sleep?  

Pajamas are not just an ordinary piece of clothing in which you will spend the night. They are much more than that. Its material, as well as the cut, dictate your comfort and how you will feel during the night. It will help your body temperature stay optimal during your sleep and will make you feel comfortable. However, not every material behaves in the same way and produces the same effects. 

Silk As the Best Choice 

Although many recommend wearing cotton pajamas, they cannot be compared to those made of silk. Silk is not only comfortable and soft, but also very pleasant to the skin. Silk helps your skin retain its natural moisture and it won’t absorb the facial and body care products you apply before bed. 

Silk pillowcases also have a positive effect on your hair and face. The gentle silk material won’t damage your hair by reducing its moisture but will help it stay naturally beautiful and soft. Silk is also an excellent choice for people who are prone to allergies.  

Silk is known as a material that helps maintain the body’s natural heat. During the summer you won’t be hot and you won’t sweat, and during the winter it will help you maintain the optimal body temperature and keep you warm while allowing your skin to breathe.  

For those who like great comfort but also a touch of elegance, sensual silk sleepwear will be the right choice. If you like to feel comfortable and warm, choose classic two-piece silk pajamas

People with sensitive skin, eczema or other skin issues, should pay attention when choosing bedding and pajamas. Synthetic materials and those that easily absorb moisture from the skin should be avoided. 

Pay Attention to the Colors 

Studies have shown that certain colors in the bedroom also affect the quality of sleep and relaxation at bedtime. The color blue is recommended for its calming effect. This color is known in therapy as a very powerful calming color. 

Of course, it is important to choose a color that is relaxing for you and that will also fit nicely into the ambiance and dominant color of your bedroom.  

Take Good Care of Silk Bedding and Pajamas 

It is important to wash your silk pajamas and beddings every week on a special machine program for silk linens and dry them so that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. Fresh bedding is beneficial not only for your skin’s glow but also for the quality of your sleep. Because you can’t deny that one of the best feelings in the world is to sink into those clean bed linens and freshly made bed after a long day. 

So, choosing high quality silk beddings and pajamas is not a luxury splurge but a real investment because good sleep is vital for your whole day, productivity, health, good mood and wellbeing. If you have a good sleep you will wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to conquer the world!