You may think that only VIPs, movie stars and celebrities can afford a personal stylist, but there are some tricks anyone can utilize when choosing their outfit, which makes them look elegant and stylish. High prices of fashion pieces are not a guarantee that you will look beautiful and fashionable. Choose your clothes wisely and combine them carefully so that you too can look like you have a personal stylist. 

Don’t Try So Hard 

It is important to skillfully combine basic and statement pieces from your wardrobe to achieve a stylish fashion combination. With high-quality boots and a good leather jacket, even a classic pair of jeans and a white shirt can become highly fashionable pieces. 

A little black dress or simple pants and a shirt with effective jewelry can become an impressive combination. 

It is not necessary to make a big effort and break the fashion rules in order to look stylish. Smartly combining simple clothing items with effective details will provide an extraordinary effect. 

Save Money and Combine Expensive Items with Those on Sale 

Choose one high-quality and expensive piece of clothing that is easy to combine with simpler and more affordable things.  

For example, a silk blouse is worth spending money on and will last for years. It will make you look stylish, make every fashion combination look luxurious and can be combined with simpler skirts and pants that you can also find on sale in your favorite stores. 

Don’t Blindly Follow Trends 

Just because something is currently trendy, does not mean that it will look great on you and that you will feel comfortable wearing it. 

Every woman should have classics in her closet that resist trends and that can be combined with different fashion combinations, both casual and elegant. 

A trench coat or classic pumps or heels combined with simple trousers or even jeans can look elegant and stylish. 

Find Affordable Designer Items Online 

There are plenty of online stores where you can find things from well-known and quality brands and designer items, brand new or almost new, that people sell at much lower prices than you would pay for in big chain stores.  

Wearing Artificial Fabrics Cheapens Your Look 

Wearing natural fabrics will make you feel better, more comfortable and elegant. A silk blouse will look much better than a polyester blouse that imitates silk. You might save money, but you certainly won’t look stylish and feel comfortable. Silk moves nicer on the body. It is more comfortable to wear and will last a long time.  

Stop Worrying About the Size on the Tag 

The size you wear may vary from brand to brand. Some brands also try to flatter customers by playing with vanity sizing. So always try on clothes and buy what suits you and looks good on you, regardless of the size on the tag.  

Less Is More 

If you wear, for example, an open-shouldered shirt and an effective necklace or earrings, that will be enough for your combination to be noticed. Nothing additional needs to be emphasized. Make sure you avoid mistakes such as overcrowding your fashion combination that can make you look older or poorly dressed. 

Runway Clothes Are Not Meant for Everyday Life 

The clothes shown on the catwalks are often not wearable in real life. What you see at fashion shows can certainly inspire your style or outfit, but don’t try to completely recreate a runway model’s look. Adapt fashion ideas to your figure, personal style and try to feel good about what you wear because that’s the most important thing.