Being stylish and well-dressed can pose a big challenge nowadays with all the ever-changing trends. Fashion is something that changes over time but style cannot be bought and it has no expiration date. Whether you feel like a fashion connoisseur or you just know the basics, we are all main characters in different fashion stories every day while choosing clothes for work, dinner, going out with friends, on a date or even for a walk. Here are some tips that will make this process easier for you. 

1. Organize Your Closet Every Few Months 

Usually, we clean out our closets in spring and before winter but if you want to get rid of the clothes you don’t need, and on the other hand have it all neatly organized and avoid buying things you already have, then organizing your closet every three months is super important. 

2. Know Your Body Type 

This is one of the basic things to know about yourself. Once you know your body type, you will know exactly which type of pants look stunning on you, what type of skirts to buy, so you will spend less time searching for the ideal piece of clothes. 

3. Choose High Quality Materials 

We all like to feel comfortable and to wear clothes that last for a long time, but the moment when we see something on sale, we don’t even look at the tag to check for materials and care instructions and other important information.  

Not wasting money is reasonable, but some fashion pieces, although they cost more, will last much longer and they will look good the whole time you wear them and use them. So choose wisely and try buying high quality, natural materials.  

Silk clothes for example, are something that is worth every coin, because you will feel comfortable wearing them, it will last much longer than other synthetic materials and most importantly, natural materials are much better for your skin and overall health and for the benefit of the planet.  

4. Wash Your Clothes the Right Way 

It is crucial not to mix colors, or whites with colors and to choose the right temperature and detergent for different types of clothes and materials. Also, don’t forget to use protective bags for laundry and sensitive items. 

5. Don’t Mix Too Many Prints or Colors 

Be mindful of mixing two or more prints and more than 3 colors. Also, if the clothes are very striking pay attention to accessories and shoes to tone down your appearance. 

6. Don’t Forget Acessories 

Choose wisely your accessories because they are an important part of a person’s style. Well combined accessories can make even a simple fashion combination impressive and unique. 

7. Invest in Quality Lingerie 

Although these pieces of clothing are not for everyone’s eyes, don’t underestimate their impact on your confidence. Also, your skin deserves the best, so choose silk and other natural, quality materials that will last a long time.  

8. Shop Smart 

Stylists and fashion experts always advise – don’t buy it because it is cheap, buy it because you really need it. We all love to buy gorgeous high heels, bright colored shoes or one more pair of jeans not because we actually need it, but because we see the SALE tag on it.  

Instead, try to shop smartly and to plan your shopping. Impulsive shopping can be hazardous not just for your wallet but you will also accumulate things you probably won’t wear at all. 

9. Own a Good Pair of Heels 

A simple dress can look outstanding if you add the right jewelry and heels to it. You will look elegant, tall and confident. You can wear them with pants, skirts, dresses, for a party, date night, dinner with friends or any other special occasion. 

10. Be Confident 

One of the most important pieces of advice is this one. Whatever you choose to wear, have confidence in yourself. Self-confident women who take care of themselves are the most beautiful. Even the most expensive piece of clothing cannot replace this.